Miisa’s room. The triplets got their own rooms in the renovation and also got to decide how to decorate them. Miisa’s favorite colors are pink, purple and blue. She hasn’t yet unpacked all of her stuff since she just moved in. Forgot to take down the saturation of red, just noticed. ;(

Don’t know when the newer pics will be done. I might forget about drawing for today and instead try to write something. Would like to listen to my cd’s and can’t do that in kitchen. And kitchen has the only table suitable for drawing and enough light. I’d really, really like some candy or something else sweet to help with this mood, but in the end it only helps for a few hours and makes the craving worse afterwards.

I posed my Sakura Miku anew yesterday. Greedy little Miku. One of the braids has the joint gone loose and it’s just hanging, the one on the right side. But it isn’t really bad. Photos taken with cell phone at night, thus the low quality.



This was half done for ages. Finished end of October last year. Not much effort put into it. Kind of started to feel like a failed one so I gave up on it. Juha is helping Pikkuveli to dig a fish pond. Virva wanted one but underestimated the work. She’s waiting her first baby. Her and Pikkuveli also didn’t wait long before getting offspring. But they’re both working and there’s no danger of them ending up with ten kids.


At the mall. It started out well but ended into this disaster. The point of view, the “camera”, is way too high. It’s the same feeling when you try to add a proper light source to a render of an image but keep failing hour after hour. Maybe I just stress too much over nothing. But when I cleaned and translated this today I felt miserable about it. Childish, too much colors, wrong perspective. Yesterday I thought about some writings and had the same feeling. It’s childish of me to let anyone read my shitty work or to think someone would ever want to publish it. I can’t even finish anything! I don’t have time to focus on doing anything creative. I can’t write and do career at the same time. There aren’t enough hours in the day or days in a year. My sleeping habits already suck.

Well. I played with Maru in the early morning and then he went to bed. He has almost destroyed his favorite toy, a peacock feather. It’s all broken and looks just like the bird he killed earlier this year. He just really loves bird stuff. He jumped after it and we played a long while. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. <3


Here we have the exact reason why I hate drawing Helmisimpukka. She IS a damn trophy wife. She married a rich ass guy and they made a ton of kids, she lazes at home and her husband is working hard to provide for the family since he lost his fortune. It LOOKS, FEELS and IS a form of taking advantage of her husband. I hate to picture it because I was once a trophy wife too. That lifestyle might be comfortable but it’s also despicable.

Well, okay, Helmisimpukka didn’t have much of a choice after she broke up with Tommi and was left alone with a kid and no education or a way to earn her living. She was only 16 when she left home. She never knew of anything better and was not exactly encouraged to build a career at home. And that bitch Ruusu making such a hurtful comment – why on earth did I make her say that? I should think more carefully what I want to say with these pictures. Right now I’m somehow going to the wrong direction. Better just avoid the difficult things. Drawing isn’t fun when pics like this are the result. But hey, look, they have new sofas!


Oh well. Didn’t think it’d become such a long break. Got busy with school and stuff. Life hasn’t exactly been nice to me the past few years. Every new year I make a promise that things will get better – and they never do. I’ve landed on the very rock bottom and currently suffer from severe depression. Thought I’d try and draw something today. Maybe even cook a meal. I have two drawings started last fall and would like to get them done with and move on.

In this one Helmisimpukka comes to visit her parents with her children. The oldest daugter stayed at home. Jalava and Villakko are about the same size as 3 blocks ago and I forgot the great name I found for the new baby girl. For some reason I hate to draw Helmisimpukka and her family… She’s stuck in that cringy hippie style and being at-home-mom. She does nothing except taking care of the kids and making more of them and that has started to bother me immensely. I just draw her because I feel that I have to. And then end up with half-hearted pics like this.

Maybe it’s the new school. I enjoy it although it wore me out again this year and I needed to take a whole year off. It made me think career oriented for a long while and I used what creativity I could spare in school work. I’ve been very inspired by architecture for a long time and I feel I’ve finally found the right thing to study. Despite it being a very cruel and stressful profession. But since I was FORCED to learn ArchiCAD on my own something changed and I became passionate about it. Decided to forget about metalwork and go for the buildings instead. I have made some drawings on my own and am more confident in learning new programs on my own. Yesterday I started to get acquainted with Maya. It was stressful, like all beginnings. But if there’s passion, there’s a way.

One thing that has taken a whole lot of my time (739 hours in 16 months) is Fallout 4. You can build stuff in it. *add crazy laugh* I’m on my fifth or sixth character and have completed the main quest just once. It’s a vast – although very shallow – puddle, and wading through it is fascinating but has ruined my life to be honest. Used most of my free time gaming during the first year (it came out on 11th November 2015) which gave real bad results for school and forced me to quit due stress. Since depressed I’ve not played as much and instead watched a whole lot of tv and anime. My eyes have gotten worse and I can’t focus for long. Pretty much a chronic eye infection and my little furry friend here has been shedding like crazy since end of January.

Other works

Last night I worked on these two. They are not related to Juho and Ruusu’s family but I’ll just post them here cause I’m too hungry just now to create a new blog for the second one. I’m starting a new series called ‘Tales From Bethra’. It’ll be a collection of short stories of different formats about bears living on the moon. Not sure if the one pic I post now will be part of the first story.


These are children all suffering from different diseases and development problems the lunar living space is causing bears who originate on Earth. Behind the hospitals are small gardens in which the children can play and meet other patients. They learn to take care of plants and animals and get ready to once live outside the facility. Of course for some of them this is impossible. Some of them don’t have parents. The society has developed around a bunch of refugees from a big city on Moon, some were used to human (err, bear) experiments by shady scientists, some have extremely extended life span when others are very fragile; and a scientific community who came to Moon in search of forgotten knowledge. This story takes place about 100-200 years after those events (not sure yet) and the city of Bethra has been fully activated and is living it’s renaissance.

The empty squares are where text should come but I had none to fill in yet.


This is a colored first version of the goddess Malassanka who controls people’s fate, luck and right for rebirth in a very faraway fantasy land. She can have a multiarmed form and she has a third eye and makes her decisions with her psychic powers (those blue circles pulsating from that third eye). The spheres start to rotate and then one pair lands on her hands and the one that goes up will happen. The kanji are paired to ‘fortune – misfortune’, ‘life – death’ and ‘rebirth – imprisonment in the dead body (kanji for prisoner)’. This is a kind of Greek goddess outfit and not the one I planned but I will make other versions when I have rested some.

Malassanka belongs to the world of my still in planning -manga Forgotten Shores. I’m still fighting with myself about the character designs although some parts of the story are completed. Might take a completely new direction about the main characters to give it some flow and action sequences. Need to read more manga and comics… I’m not happy drawing on a vertical A4 either. And the reading direction is a big question. I’m more used to reading from right to left but it feels off when writing the english texts in it. I don’t want to be bound to the A4 format or anything vertical.

Anyway, have to go now. Hope I can keep on drawing more now…



This was laying on the kitchen table for a week before I got it done. Everything is crooked. Was a pain in the ass. I hate school pics. But there has to be some every now and then. Girls are gossiping about Pähkinä, boys are watching Youtube videos, Pähkinä doesn’t care about either ones.

This pic introduces proper feet and shoes. I was thinking about making those kids bully Pähkinä and him being really hurt and crying on his way home, instead I took the cold, careless version since I can’t handle anything heavy or difficult at the moment. And this feels better when you look at how Pähkinä was raised: with extreme affection and attention when he was little – and then abandoned. Other kids might get anxious, Pähkinä finds other ways, but I’m not going to that quite yet. Still not completely sure if I can do that. Just incredibly tired and cannot get rest.